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User:broken_heart_07 (431369)  
Website:HoLLa Atcha GurL
AOL IM:SeXii BaBy D 14 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Thick_Ass_Rani (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:I'll be 15 years this year. I attend CHS(Crescent High School) I don't have a boyfriend by choice but I really and truly am in love with this one guy. My bestfriend name is KiPenie B. We've been friends eversince the 6th grade. I have many many enemies that like to talk behind my back then come in my face and act as though they didn't do anything. I also have haters that has been hating on me eversince the 6th grade. I don't know why, yea I do, it's because I look good and can get all the guys and they can't lol =)~ Some ppl just can't stand me because I can dress and they can't lol hahahaha I'm just kidding. I love to be sweet and kind and loving to everyone but it seems like they don't like me being that way so I just turn MEAN and RUFF . People have to understand, If you are good to me, I'll definitely be good to you. I love having a lot of friends but sometimes the friends that I try to make friends with just turn on you to many times so I just stay by myself with my really good friend-KiPenie. She's a very good friend to have. Well I like to sing a lot, I'm a singer for the school and I like to laugh n make jokes, just chill out and be a laid back person. I like talking on the phone with some of my good friends and this special guy who's really different from the others.
Interests:44: aol, apples, baby, bananas, beef, books, boys, camping, cds, cheese, cherries, clothes, computers, dancing, driving, dvds, etc..., flipflops, flowers, grapes, hiking, internet, laughing, macoroni, mall, meat, men, msn, nails, party, phone, pinapples, pork, rice, salad, school, shopping, singing, sneakers, strawberries, swimming, teddies, time, yahoo
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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