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User:_gumdr0p (93479)  
Bio:x [ about this girl ]

My name is
Sara. And I'm Sweet 16. Being granted to this earth on December 14th, 1986. Making me a sexy sagitarrius.
I live in
Union, New Jersey. So, therefore, I rep 9O8. Woop! Woop! Go Fightin' Farmers! Nah, I'm jus playin.
I live with my
mum and stepdad, Stevie.
And my two babies
[they are guinea pigs, you foo']
Harriet and Buttons.
They are super cute, and so cuddly.

italian and scottish.
I look more italian, though because that's basicly what I am.
My mother is half italian and my father was full italian.
I'm around 5'7'' maybe a millimeter shorter, but that ain't countin, right? lOl.
I have the most gorgeous medium
brown hair. With piercing, green eyes. Don't hate.
I'm not skinny, I'm more then thick, but still all
sexy. Holla.

x [
where my girls @? ]
Yeah, I got my little circle like every lil'
girl. My lil' circle includes: Cathy, Staci, Cyndi, and Christina.
Yeah, they are crazy girls. Ranging from hyper to weird. lOl. We get together and it's
MAYHEM! Pure, mayhem. Yep.
When we hang out we usually spend time at my house. Sometimes we venture outside into that crazy
Mostly we hang in the park or in the
Or even the mall. Or in Maple(hood)wood.
And sometimes we just go bowling in Linden or Union. Although, I must say
Linden is much cleaner, but shh. You didn't hear it from me. Tehe.

[turn onz & likes]
bois . soft rnb . light eyes ; blue, green ; . muscular arms . muscular torso . pierced tongue . minty fresh breath . preppy ; thuggish ; elite styles . sunsets . white teeth . nice soft hands . athletic guys . guys who can dance . deep voices . minimal tattoos . strength . independence . power . brains . sporks.

[ turn offz & dislikes ]
discolored teeth . bad breath . rough|dry hands . b.o . uncoordinance . too pale . too dark . over-built . underbuilt . long hair ;unless worn in the "brooklyn style"; . super small feet . fake people . one-mindedness . racists . rapers . murderers . submissiveness . weakness . too many tattoos . stupidity . inferiorness . short ; tight ; over powering clothes ;on guys; . abusiveness . coldheartedness . wimpy people ;who always say sorry; . prissy girls.
Interests:134: 106 and park, 50's, 60's, 70's, aaliyah, alittle bit of korn, all that, andy dick, any murda inc rapper, as told by ginger, ashanti, avril lavigne, beanie babies, books, breakfast club, britney spears, bustah rhymes, can't buy me love, cellphones, charli baltimore, charlie hunnam, chasing amy, cheerleading, chicken, chillin, christina aguilera, clerks, clone high, comic view, craig david, cute boys, damn yankees, dancing, dancing., days of our lives, destiny's child, drawing, duh! how high, e! true hollywood stories, emile hirsch, eminem, empire records, etc. aerosmith, everwood, face/off, fools rush in, frank sinatra, friday the thirteenth movies, friends, gap adds, getting manicures and pedicures, glass cups, good charlotte, hair clips, hairspray, happy campers, harvery dangerfield, ian somerhalder, iced tea, ja rule, jackass, jay hernandez, jlo, justin timberlake, kelly osbourne, kelly rowland especially, kip pardue, kool-aid, ladybugs, laughing, letters to cleo, lolita, madonna, make-up, making drinks, mallrats, music, mxpx, n*e*r*d, nail polish, nas, nelly, nsync, o-town, oldies., orange shorbet, orlando bloom, photography, redman, revealed, robin williams, rufio, rush hour[both], scream, sex and the city, shopping, simple plan, singer, sixteen candles, soccer, sorority boys, south park, southpark, sporks, sports, stand by me, stand up comics, suspect, swimming, tart, teddy bears, teen witch, telly shows, tennis, the craft, the drifters, the original two halloweens, the osbournes, the sandlot, the smokers, the sopranos, the temptations, toasteds, trina, true life, undressed, unsolved mysteries, usher, volleyball, walking, water, west side story, writing, writing in my journals
Friends:28: anti_avril, babiita, babypink, butterflysurfer, caffine, chubbzdia, dark_love, dramatize, dreamy_eyez, fantasiia, hispaniq_latte, ice_, iconmakers, icons_, inner_thighz, i_wanna_riot, journalwhore, liipgloss, like_firah, rip_babygirl, rubber_soul, rufiokid21, scorpion485, sultry_babii, thalia, xhellagoodmamix, _starred, _uberhip
Friend of:11: babiita, babypink, butterflysurfer, dreamy_eyez, icey_cold, ice_, italian_latte, rufiokid21, scorpion485, sultry_babii, xhellagoodmamix
Member of:8: anti_avril, hot_male_celebs, icons_, journalwhore, liipgloss, like_firah, rip_babygirl, surveysluts
Account type:Early Adopter

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