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User:25centartist (669870)
Name:samantha marie
Location:newark, Delaware, United States
AOL IM:thorned31 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I want to thank the LORD for giving me the artistic talent I have, whether it be small or large amount. To be able to express myself is a blessing. Jesus, you are art.

Copied from my portfolio:

Basics; Samantha Marie, 18 years old, residing in Delaware, freelance artist.

Self labeled artist; I haven't had any schooling an art since art class in 5th grade. I have, however, about finished a mail course in photography. But other than that, I haven't been educated on correct principals or techniques in art.. I like to think that I don't need it but I'd just be fooling myself. I do hope to take some college art courses in the future.

I grew up with crayons and chalk in my pockets. There was never a time in my life (that I can remember) that being creative wasn't a big part of me. I just think I have an artistic mind and personality. Instead of black on white, I see white on black. Instead of a vase, I see two faces. I am expressive, emotional and sensitive. I just like to get things out and express myself. I find joy in being creative. Oh, and in Jesus 'cause he rocks.

Right now my main focus is painting. Lately I've noticed myself being totally captivated by paintings and sculptures. I've placed my photography on the side... I'm ashamed of my sad little 2mp digital camera. But photography, and painting are my two highest artistic motivations right now. Web design is always up there but it hasn't really been a big priority and joy to me lately. That's fine, I'm entitled to go through stages and phases right? Yeah.

The mediums and things I have worked with and like to do for fun are as follows: Writing, painting (water color, acrylic on canvas, etc.), collaging, web design, creating things with clay, doodling and drawing, graphic illustrating, scrapbooking, and sometimes charcoal drawing although it makes me a bit squeemish. I like to do other crafts also. Basicly, anything I can get my hands on and work with, I like. I'd love to get into woodcrafting and sculpting and many many other things.
Interests:50: abstract art, art, artistic, being creative, bible verses, black and white photography, blank canvases, blessings, boy meets girl, caelen, candles, caring, chap stick, choppers, christ, christian books, coke, collaging, creating, creating art, creating things, design, designing, discovery channel, dreaming, driving alone, expressing myself, free stuff, god, his word, jesus, joshua harris, lilies, love, making things, marriage, my past, occ, old films, paintings, patience, photographs, photography, photos, pleasing god, spoiling my love, taking photos, the bible, web design, writing
Friends:1: morethanasong
Account type:Free User

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